D & G Horses

Dale, Gail, & Leah Coombs
License # 200

Dale, Gail, and Leah have been operating horseback trips in the Upper Frying Pan Valley for years. Many of the trips go into either the Holy cross Wilderness Area or the Hunter Creek-Frying Pan Wilderness Area. Due to the remoteness of the Frying Pan area that we ride in, you will get a true wilderness experience where wildlife flourish.
Let us show you the elk, deer, and numerous other animals that call the forest home. Bring your camera and get that photo of wildlife in their natural environment.
There is nothing more spectacular than witnessing the color change of the Aspen trees in the high country of Colorado in September. Our horse rides will take you into a world of golden leaves, and solitude in the back country of the Colorado Rockies. September is also the mating season of the elk. Listening to the bugling of the bulls when they are challenging other bulls for the possession of the cows, is a thrill of a lifetime. A September ride is a must do for the outdoor enthusiast.

D & G Horses and Outfitting

License # 200
1631 County Rd. 293
Rifle, Colorado 81650
(970) 625-0234
(Dec. 1 to May 15)
    810 Lime Creek Rd.
Meredith, Colorado 81642
(970) 927-2870
(May 15 to Dec. 1)
    Barn (base location)
26617 Frying Pan Rd.
Meridth, Colorado 81642

D & G Horses and Outfitting

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